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Akuma later looks and conjointly the G Corporation troopers have their guns trained on him. Kazuya, however, tells them to guide him to the roof, Kazuya asks but he's conscious of his mother, Akuma replies that he owes a debt to Kazumi as a results of she saved his life. They fight and Kazuya turns into his devil kind, Heihachi manages to capture Kazuya turning into his devil kind. Akuma and Kazuya fight with the building they stood on being destroyed by Heihachi using a beam from out of house. News unfold regarding the observation of a devil that was rumored to be Kazuya.


The communicator mentions but he thought that his town was destroyed by folks generally however he thinks there was further thereto. Kazuya retaliates by shooting down the beam Heihachi shot from that ends in it crashing down into earth. The communicator then tries to tell the Mishima Zaibatsu regarding his new èxpose he's doing on them but ample to his surprise, Heihachi wishes to meet up with the communicator.
Game in Play

Heihachi tells him regarding Kazumi and concerning but they met, once in some some time within the future, Kazumi has gotten a fever and was recovered, succeeding day Kazumi confronted Heihachi once he was employment and told him in some some time within the future he would communicate war on others and fights, throughout the fight she turns into her devil kind. Heihachi beats her and walks away, Kazumi gets up for an extra attack once Heihachi grabs her by the throat and crushes her body structure, killing her. 

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